Consumers worldwide are paying ever greater attention to sustainability and origin when choosing the food they buy.

Our concept is based on:

  • the use of clean, natural water from the Norwegian coast
  • maintaining control of water parameters and the production environment in terms of lice, other parasites and disease
  • a minimal environmental footprint for preserving and reusing marine resources.

We will be a beacon for sustainable development of quality seafood.

Fish welfare

A controlled production environment and stable water parameters give better fish health, increased growth and shorter time to maturity. Heating the water will provide a stable temperature of 12-14°C throughout the production cycle.

The risk of parasites such as salmon lice is eliminated by taking water from deep in the sea. Treating and disinfecting this intake creates an infection-free environment and reduces the risk of sickness. Combined with minimal handling of the fish, this will provide good growth conditions and opportunities for optimum feeding and reduced losses throughout the production cycle.


Our land-based concept reduces the local environmental impact through an increased level of production control and a circular economy.

We use clean, natural water taken from the sea off western Norway, and we control the production environment. That prevents infection with and spreading of lice, other parasites and disease. Nor is there any risk of salmon escaping from the farm.

Wastewater treatment and sludge recycling will minimise the environmental footprint, and represent one of the contributions to a cyclical economy. Waste and feed residues from production are collected and can be used as raw material for producing biogas, cultivating seaweed or salad, or fertiliser.


More than 100 years of experience and knowledge combined with the most advanced technology available ensure sustainable production of 36 000 tonnes of salmon per year.

Our strategic location at Indre-Harøya in Hustadvika local authority allows us to use the technology which is best suited for fish farming on land.

Large quantities of clear, fresh seawater from our shores are taken in – and returned – with the aid of our flow-through technology. This is the same water which has laid the basis for developing Norway’s salmon farming industry over several decades. In addition to using water of the same good quality as traditional Norwegian cage farms, we have sufficient space and access to the necessary resources for large-scale production on land.

All handling of fish during the production period is done in carefully controlled manner which takes account of salmon welfare.

Safe and efficient operation and optimising the quality parameters of the water reduce time to maturity per generation from 16 to 12 months. That lays the basis for increased production efficiency and optimum utilisation of the licensed volume.

Extending The Ocean Potential

We will be a beacon for sustainable development of quality seafood.