Salmon Evolution

We take the best conditions the sea can provide with us to farm fish on land. Location, knowledge and technology form the basis for the sustainable production of 28 000 tonnes of salmon per year.

Norway aims to almost quadruple its output of farmed salmon up to 2050. We have every confidence that this target can be met, but then by combining current methods based on open cages with closed cages, cages in the open sea and land-based farming.

We emphasise rational operation, fish welfare and minimal impact on the environment. Clean water from the Norwegian coast creates optimum production and environmental conditions, improved growth and a shorter production time. Our operations will minimise the environmental footprint by treating waste water and recycling marine resources.

We will be a beacon for sustainable development.

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change. – Charles Darwin


Odd Tore Finnøy


Mobile: +47 900 60 960

Håkon André Berg


Mobile: +47 411 92 257

Ingjarl Skarvøy

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Mobile: +47 901 16 803

Vibeke Hanssen

Director of Communications

Mobile: + 47 957 31 345

Oddvar Repstad

Fish Welfare Coordinator

Mobile: + 47 971 48 881

Kamilla Mordal Holo

Project Manager

Mobile: + 47 902 81 470

Olav Johan Lyngstad

Production Manager

Mobile: + 47 949 79 020

Hallgeir Øyen

Technical Manager

Mobile: + 47 916 30 752

Jan Arvid Todal

Water Treatment Specialist

Mobile: +47 913 88 809

Liv-Hege Seglsten

Mobile: +47 917 73 360

Board of directors

Regional entrenchment and industry-based expertise characterise the board of Salmon Evolution, and will be central to the continued development of the company. A new board was formally elected in connection with the company’s first share issue in January 2019.

Its common denominator is a belief in producing salmon on land, based on collective knowledge and the choice of the right technology. Drivers for the directors are regional value creation and helping to creating a sustainable seafood nation.

Kristofer Reiten


Kristofer Reiten has been CEO of Vikomar AS since 1995. This company is a modern fish processing enterprise specialising in the production, freezing and distribution of pelagic fish. With his experience and knowledge, Reiten wants to help realise a paradigm shift in Norwegian aquaculture by farming and creating a sustainable salmon on land – a salmon which has swum in clear water from the Norwegian coast, a salmon which has been unaffected by lice and had minimal handling during its life cycle.

Glen Bradley


Glen Bradley is chair of Rofisk AS, which owns Rostein AS – one of the world’s leading wellboat companies. Rofisk also owns 13.3 per cent of Salmon Evolution. Bradley has an MA in economics, strategy and international marketing and more than 20 years of experience from the salmon industry. He is currently a vice president at Rostein. As a director and shareholder, Bradley wants to use his experience and great commitment to the salmon industry to help ensure that Salmon Evolution becomes an important company both for the region and for its owners.

Frank Småge


Frank Småge grew up and has worked his whole adult life in the family company Odd Småge AS, a traditional machinery contractor based in Aukra local authority and with a branch at Harøya in Sandøy local authority. He has served as project and operations manager at Odd Småge since 2001. Småge has been responsible for projects at the Ormen Lange gas processing plant and for deliveries to such companies as Kværner, Aker Solutions, AF Gruppen, Aibel, NCC and A/S Norske Shell.

He is also co-owner and CEO of Småge Eiendom AS and CEO of Aukra Gass AS. He is a director of all the Odd Småge subsidiaries. Through his activities, Småge has collaborated closely with and followed developments in Vikenco, Vikomar and Romsdalsfisk. He regards being invited onto the team as an expression of confidence in him, and wishes now to build even closer relations with the industry and the opportunities it offers.

Per Olav Mevold


Per Olav Mevold has served as CEO of Vikenco AS since 2007. This company has been a reputable supplier of seafood to markets in Norway, Europe, the USA and the Far East since 1973. After graduating with an MSc in naval architecture from the Norwegian Institute of Technology (today the Norwegian University of Science and Technology), Mevold’s career and focus have lain in fishing and aquaculture. More than 35 years with Vikenco have given him solid experience from and knowledge of the seafood industry. What drives him is the development of sustainable methods which reduce environmental footprints while securing raw material supplies in the region.

Anders Sandøy


Anders Sandøy is a director of Rofisk AS and the Larsnes Mek Verksted AS shipyard. A qualified skipper, he has worked daily with salmon for 15 years and is currently fleet manager in Rostein AS. As a director of Salmon Evolution, Sandøy aims to contribute his vast practical experience of such activities as moving salmon and large quantities of water. His great capacity for effective action is also important when good outlines and ideas are to be implemented. Sandøy is known for his interest in salmon and his substantial commitment to the local community.

Frode Kjølås


Frode Håkon Kjølås is the founder of SeaSide AS, which delivers solutions developed in-house to the aquaculture industry. This company merged in 2016 with Optimar AS, where Kjølås currently has principal responsibility for research and development. He is also co-founder of and a shareholder in Vital Seafood AS, which owns and operates two factories producing oil and meal based on dayfresh raw materials from salmon harvesting. As a director of Salmon Evolution and owner of a 3.3 per cent shareholding, he wants an even stronger exposure to an industry he knows well and has great faith in.

Peder Stette


Peder Stette was 24 years old when he took over the family company Peter Stette AS. He had then completed studies at Ålesund engineering college and officer training in the army’s ordnance regiment. He also worked for a time as an engineer at Midsund Bruk and for the Langsten group. Stette was CEO of Peter Stette, which has been a supplier to the fishing industry since the 1970s, until the merger with Optimar. He is now CTO of the latter.

From an early stage, Stette believed that fishing would become one of Norway’s most automated industries within a few years. He therefore increased his company’s involvement in research and development, in collaboration with customers. As a director of Salmon Evolution and owner of a 3.3 per cent shareholding, he wants to continue this thinking.

Ingjarl Skarvøy


Skarvøy has experience and background from the aquaculture sector, occupying key positions since the early 1990s in Pan Fish, Marine Harvest as regional manager, and Salmar Organic and Salmar Rauma as CEO. The last two companies merged to form Salmar Farming, where Skarvøy was regional manager until 2016.

He is concerned to build a profitable and sustainable business in the local community, with attention concentrated on entrepreneurial expertise as well as technology which reduces many of the challenges facing the aquaculture industry today

Extending The Ocean Potential

We will be a beacon for sustainable development of quality seafood.